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Mike ODonnell
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Post Hollywood Bod for the Summer

Ok inspired by all the hollywood movie buffness and now that is was 80 something here (people in CA can *#&@ off....people up north can tell me to *&#% off)...time to start thinking about that summer bod...aka a single guy has to look good around the pool and the winter Guinness loading look has to go...hah...So I like to keep things simple...and will do the following program:
- Aim at hypertrophy while eating for fat loss
- training to get into running/biking shape for races this summer
- Focus on compound movments only, most all BB work for max weight

So here's my exercises for mass:
Bench Press (horizontal push)
Hang Clean and Press (Veritcal pull and vertical push) - Why Hang? More emphasis on using traps and shoulders, not strength or power work.
Squat (Lower push)
RDL/DL (Lower pull)
Bent Row (Horizontal Pull)
Pullup (Vertical Pull)

Days: Mon-Hypertrophy split I, Wed-Hypertrophy split II, Fri-Volume Full Body/Metcon type
Other Days/Weekends (depending on weather and schedule): Sprints 100-800meters, Mountain Bike intervals
Workouts: Nothing over 40min, Nothing under 20min

Note this is a 3 week split, could also make a Hypertrophy a Strength cycle by changing reps from 10 to 5. Exercises will remain the same to judge weight and progress when needed.

Hypertrophy workouts:
- Straight Sets
- Rests 30-45sec
- Weights are same for all sets (incremental loading at completing 3 sets of 10)
- Sets are in maxes of 10s (aka....30 reps = 3 sets of 10, 2 sets of 10 and 2 sets of 5 or however many sets it takes to finish)

Workout Hypertrophy I:
- Squat
- Pullup
- Bench

Workout Hypertrophy II:
- Clean and Press
- Bent Row

*Misc exercises also on Hypertrophy days for Abs, Lower Back....and yes....Arms...because chicks did the guns. 1 set of one exercise for same reps for big exercises.

Workout Volume Metcon (DBs and KBs, no BB)
- All exercises are done to reps and weights/variations measured to make sure it's not too easy...or too hard. Max time limit is 40min, goal is 20min for completion.
- Each week pick 5-10 random exercises from: 1 arm DB snatch, KB swings, Box jumps, squat and press, pushups, pullups, burpees, knees to elbows, floor wipers, TGUs, renegade rows, tuck jumps, Glut/Ham raise, Dips, HSPUs, or various sprints.

Now the fun:
Week 1:
Hypertrophy I and II - 30 reps each exercise
Volume Metcon - 300 reps total goal (10 exercises of 30 reps)

Week 2:
Hypertrophy 1 and II - 40 reps each
Volume Metcon - 200 reps (8 exercises of 25 reps)

Week 3:
Hypertrophy I and II - 50 reps
Volume Metcon - 100 reps (5 exercises of 20 reps)

Weight are increased when 3 sets of 10 are completed for an exercise (small increments). Metcon weights.exercises are changed to make workout harder as the weeks increase.

Nutrition: a lot of protein and fat, carbs pwo window 1-3hours.

Note sure if with all the other extra running and biking the Volume Metcon work will be too much....time will tell.

Thought and comments are always welcome...but doesn't mean I will listen!
A little hard to read this all...I know what it going on but I probably am confusing the hell out of everyone....but I may put it up on a website if others are interested in following along...who knows..this experiment could be a brutal failure...or a stroke of genious...either way I am having some fun with it and that will keep me motivated.
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