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Jae Chung
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Default Programming for older female novice

I've got a 58-year-old female client with a bunch of mobility issues (both knees, right shoulder). She is about 5'4", about 150 lbs. (She's lost about 15-20 lbs. in the last 12 weeks.) Active, but no real prior weight training.

Diet compliance is relatively ok (she has greatly reduced grains, sugar, dairy, processed foods) but she does not eat or sleep enough, despite my constant harping. Takes a small amount of fish oil, probably 1.5-2g/daily on average (hates taking pills and hates the liquid even more), + 10,000 IU D3 most days.

Back squat and front squat are currently out of the question due to shoulder mobility issues (right "frozen shoulder"). Any advice on what else we can do? We've done goblet squats for several weeks and she is approaching her limit, meaning, the DB is getting too heavy for her to hold up for more than 2-3 reps at around 60-65 lbs.

I have been doing dumbbell press and push press with her, but the poundages are just getting to be too much. She is stuck at 20 lb. DBs for about 4-5 reps and is unable to use 22.5 lb. DBs with good form on the PP. We have already done a reset once, going back down to 10 lb. DBs.

We've been doing straight linear progressions, adding 5 lbs. to DL and goblet squats for around 3 weeks now, SS-style, about 3x per week. We started at very low weights to work on form, initially 3x5 and then 5x5 to get more volume out of the light weights.

Form has improved dramatically on all lifts, but we're approaching weights now that are not going to work for her.

Any advice on movement substitutions? Rep schemes? I'd really appreciate it!
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