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Robert Callahan
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Originally Posted by Jay Ashman View Post
exactly, Robert... stuff I thought about doing was jumping squats, box jumps, lower weight high rep squats for strength endurance.
Honestly it sounds like you have a pretty good plan in place

You are probably already doing this also but just wanted to add that I would recommend at least some higher weight lower rep squatting as well. As a swimmer you need those turns to be as explosive as possible and a strong 1RM squat will be more analogous to that then a 20 rep squat will.

And I like what you said about the walking in plank position. I think that the shoulder stability gained from that will be very beneficial. Handstands and ring work could fit in there as well if you ever had the desire or wanted variety, but it all would do the same thing And if they like weights, overhead press? While they may not like it as girls, the more muscle you can build up on those shoulders the less likely they are to injure it later on.

Alright enough from me, I am still a very novice strength coach. I have a long history with aquatics but still have a lot to learn about programing good supplementary strength & conditioning programs.
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