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William McAlpine
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Default William's Log

Hello, I'm moving my journal over here from bodybuilding.com. Interests in this forum are much more in line with my own, and I feel like I could benefit from the community here.

Brief History

I started lifting two years ago in an effort to gain mass for soccer. I went to bodybuilding.com and tried to learn about weightlifting/mass gain, etc. There was a sticky describing Rippetoe's Starting Strength forum, and I "followed" it for about 6 months until I injured my hamstring. During this period, I went from 120 lbs to 150 lbs. Soccer season and an eventual injury came, so ended up taking about 4-5 months off.

I then came across the olympic weightlifting subforum at bodybuilding.com and began to teach myself the olympic lifts in January 09. Fastforward to July 09 and I started to look like an "actual" weightlifter. My weight had reached 174 lbs. I then strained (probably tore) my hamstring in August. I finally got better last December after months of inconsistency. Here I am now in late March:


Age: 18 (19 in four days)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 162 lbs (morning weight)
Snatch: 170 lbs
Clean and Jerk: 205 lbs

My long term goal is to achieve a 300 Sinclair. I hope to achieve this in the 94 kg weight class.
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