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Patrick Poblocki
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Smile Training idea for Lyle's Rapid Fat Loss

Hi all,

Background: 28 years old, m, 18% bf, goal: sub 10% bf

Quick question: I'm doing a phase of Lyle's Rapid Fat Loss program. It looks like this (170 grams of lean protein broken into three meals from fish, chicken breast and lean, grass-fed, ground beef; unlimited green stuff (for me--savoy cabbage, iceberg lettuce, spinach, and broccoli; 2 fish caps after each meal; supps include magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin D, and a multi).

So, that said, I'm trying to figure out my programming. I'm coming from a crossfit background with a lot of white water kayaking. My diet before was 90% paleo, 130 grams of protein, 50% of calories coming from fat, the remainder carbs.

My assumption is that with such a significant drop in carbohydrate and calorie consumption, a lot of metcon will be counter productive. Instead, I'm thinking about doing a Starting Strength approach with one sprint day mixed in for 4 total days of exercising per week. Kayaking will depend on the rainfall (I live in CT).

I thought this was a good approach to preserve lean body mass will losing weight. What do you think?

Thanks for any input!

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