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Ian Nigh
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Default squat rehab routine

New to this forum, but very happy to have found it. Been doing CF for a while, recent switched over to CF football and just finished reading Greg Everett's book.

My first question is in regards to a recurrent low back issue I have. I have a leg length discrepancy of around 1.3cm, with the right leg being shorter. I have had all sorts of issues with tight hip flexors, piriformis, ilio-psoas, etc. Most of these I have dealt with ART, foam rolling, stretching, etc.

I have brought my back squat up from 90kg to 120kg in the last 18 months, and my deadlift from 100kg to 150kg in the same period. I am happy with these gains, but know I have a long ways to go yet.

During this same periods, I have strained my left lower back/hip area 3 times during maximal squats and/or deadlifts (around every 6 months). This leads me to think my low back/hip is weak, and I probably have some muscle imbalance issues (prolly some technique/form issues too, although I have been working on those).

I have spent the last week doing rehab and rest, and feel almost ready to get back to training. My plan is to continue following CF football, but subbing the strength WODS.

sub for squat:
5x3 Bulgarian split squat
10x3 good morning

sub for deadlft:
5x3 one leg deadlift
10x3 reverse hyper (done on a high bench with bands, no machine at the uni gym here)

The idea is to do these in linear progression for at least 6 weeks before getting back into back squat and deadlift at low weights. I would appreciate any advice regarding whether this is a good idea or not. I have also heard that front squats may be a good sub. Front squats don't seem to aggravate my back and my max front squat is about 15 kilos less than my back squat, maybe I could include these sometimes although I like the split squats for addressing any imbalances.
Thanks for the responses!
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