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Grissim Connery
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Default I think I pulled my hamstring, but it doesn't hurt

Yesterday I was stretching before my workout and noticed a bruise on my hamstring. i didn't think anything of it cause i get bruises in odd places all the time from BJJ, so i went on and did a full workout, include heavy CJ. after the workout while i was showering, i rubbed soap over my hamstring and felt a giant lump under the bruise.

it hurts if i push it, but not that badly. i don't think it hurts at all when i train, seeing as how i was able to CJ without any issues. thus my question is whether i should really do anything for it. the only real issue is that it's an oddly large lump.
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Steven Low
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Does it hurt when you stretch it?

That's a classic sign of a strain besides hurting when you use it. If it bruises, it's usually grade 2 and will hurt otherwise...

Maybe just a bruise + tight muscle perhaps. May not be a strain at all.
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