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Josh Wright
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Their site is undergoing maintenance/upgrades. It should be back up soon.
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Brian Stone
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Just tested - it's working fire for me.
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Timothy Scalise
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yes it is up now, and holy crap 22 pills a day of the fish oil I got. :|
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Chris Snyder
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I'm at 19/day. I have been doing 9 int he morning and 10 at night. My bowels aren't too happy with this so I am going to try 6-6-7 at three meals during the day.
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Allen Yeh
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I think the calculations seem wrong to me.

At 190 lbs'
0.25 - 4 pills/tsp's per day
0.5 - 7 pills/tsp's per day
0.75 - 11 pills/tsp's
1.0 - 14.25 pills/tsp

Going by Carlson's for the liquid the EPA/DHA stuff seems right at 1300 mg of EPA/DHA

However to get 1.3g's of EPA/DHA for a capsule is pretty rare looking at the Carlson's capsules you'd have to eat 5 capsules just to get 1.3g's of EPA/DHA. Then multiply that by the above tsp recommendations....even for the lowest factor you are talking about 20 pills.
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Brandon Oto
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I do want to know where the calculations came from.
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Garrett Smith
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I've heard he discusses the calcs on one of his podcasts.
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