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William McDaniel
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Default Recovery from Hernia Surgery

It has been one week since my hernia surgery. Anyone have any suggestions for a speedy and effective recovery. I had the "open" type procedure and so far everything has gone by the book. I'm 44yo so I want to play it safe coming back, but I would like to get back to WL, PL, and baseball ASAP.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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Steven Low
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Listen to what your doctor said about activity.
Posts NOT intended as professional medical, training or nutrition advice.
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Don Stevenson
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From memory an open repair has a slightly longer recovery time than a laproscopic repair.

1. Take your doctors advice, busting a bunch of stitches or tearing the repair will make your life misery.

2. When you start back, start right from the start. My first session back after a hernia repair I squatted 40kg for 3x5 and I was crippled the next day.

3. Avoid any exercises that stretch your abs for a while, it took me ages to be able to do pullups again because the stretching felt like things were going to tear (even 8 weeks after surgery)
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Tyler Smith
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I had the same procedure today... really not looking forward to the long road ahead but I guess there's no choice. Good luck to you bud.
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