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Grissim Connery
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Default Is a pronated back lever really worth much?

I've had a full back lever with pronated grip for a while now (normal pronated relative to your body, not to the actual floor). Although it's kinda cool just to do it, it doesn't really feel transferable to other ring skills. I stopped working on supinated grip back levers when my shoulders were really bad cause if the elbows relaxed at all, all the pressure drove into the shoulders. Now that I'm coming back to them, they seem much more applicable towards building strength in desirable areas. For example, the elbow pressure feels much more like the pressure felt during cross work (the shoulder pressure is not nearly the same though, so I wouldn't replace one with the other).

I guess i see the back lever as the upper body equivalent to the SLDL, but if you take a prontated grip, then your biceps rotate out of a lot of tension. thus the traps and shoulder take more of a load. it'd be like doing an SLDL but pointing your feet straight out sideways like in ballet.

A good example seems like the forward roll. When dropping out of support, a strong, supinated back lever appears to help reset for another pull, whereas a pronated back lever just causes you to awkwardly whip around quickly.

the other factor is ring accessibility or not. i hate doing supinated grip straight bar work. everything feels a little uncomfortable in this state.

i guess my question is when should one switch from pronated work to supinated work? since i already have a full pronated back lever, i'll just mosey on over to the other guy. if i'm helping somebody in the future, i'd be afraid to start them on the supinated right away for fear of excess joint pressure.
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