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Old 04-04-2010, 05:40 AM   #121
Martin Bonn
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 210

I've been really bad at updating this i have to admit!

I did week 4 at 90% no problem with snatches of 86x1x6 and cnj of 102x1x6.
squats were getting harder but i managed them!

Week 5 i only trained three times and made most of my snatches at 90 and cnj at 107 for 3 sets of one. nearly dropped one of those snatches on my head as well!
training was defo breaking me down, i started to have lots of little things like knee pain and shoulder pain (the impingement kinda stuff). But i was so close i didn t wanna give up!
Went to for a clean PB on sunday, which I got at 110! check it out on youtube.

Squats were fine as well.

Then the big one:

On wed we had the club competition, i did get a 95 snatch and a 110 CnJ, and a FS PB at 120. and a clean PB at 112, nearly jerked it too!
The lifts are on youtube as well.
Stats: 26yrs, 6'1'', 98.0kg
Snatch: 103kg
Clean & Jerk: 124kg
TOTAL: 227kg


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Old 04-04-2010, 05:50 AM   #122
Martin Bonn
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 210


This 6 week cycle has given me another 7kg on my total and a 9kg FS PB (I probably could have gotten more, but I had to do it after the competition, because I was about to go home).

Very intense and I started to get injured a bit. I really liked just doing the lifts though, my technique improved lots and the 92kg snatch i took as my second attempt was the easiest PB I've ever done!

Not sure on how to progress now, I've written a routine similar to the one I've just done, only I will only do Sn or CnJ on most days.
Also I want to try to move away from just doing singles and do triples then doubles and then singles instead (again working with Prilepin's table as a guide).

Squatting wise, I'm not sure if it's wise to do the russian routine again or switch to something else.
I might try smolov jr for 4 weeks and see how that works, if it doesn't then i can still switch, I've got 7weeks to competition when i come back.

Really need that break now! booked some deep tissue and i need to see my chiro as well!

i'll have to pay better attention to sleep, recovery and food next cycle.
get 9hrs/night. 2 massages a month and plenty of the good stuff!

i'll post my new program once i've got my coach's blessing!
Stats: 26yrs, 6'1'', 98.0kg
Snatch: 103kg
Clean & Jerk: 124kg
TOTAL: 227kg


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