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James Evans
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Default Taking Shaf from 6 to 20 pullups in 6 weeks

This is a spin off from Shaf's 'Write me a program' thread and an up front big sorry if it's flogging a dead horse.

It was suggested improving from 6 to 20 pull ups in 6 weeks was a perfectly attainable goal. I'd like to know how you would train him for this.

Mike Boyle has an 8 week chin up progression that takes you from 1 chin to 5 chins in, er, 8 weeks. 14 pull ups for a trained, or even a detrained strength athlete in 6 weeks seems a lot.

Yes, I know, someone asks about pullups over at CrossFit every bloody day, I'm just interested because I thought Shaf's thread tailed off pretty quickly.
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