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Lars Kvanum
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Default Iodine


I've read a few posts on here, but they've become kind of old. As we all know, a trainees universe changes and rebuilds itself a lot more often than Joe Regular's (hmmm...must be because we're evolved. I cannot believe it's our friends in the supplement industry lying to us ) and 4 year old wisdom might not be wisdom any more

So...what is the current recommendations for Iodine intake for a person who believes he's deficient (in Iodine, thank you! ). I have a sluggish metabolism, and I've always had a lump (hard, not like fat) on my neck. I've been on T4 and T3 before, but since my doctor couldn't make it work for me I weened off a few years back.

Also, ephedrine and caffeine have no measurable effects for me.

One of the recommendations I saw was for 50mg/day for a few months, and then back down to 1/4 of that dosage. Is that really necessary? With the prices over here we're talking about US$50-100 per month AT LEAST.

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