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Greg Davis
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I'm sure its better than zone but don't really agree with pigging out after 7pm being a good idea.

I don't know your schedule but for me I usually wake up at 6-6.30am and go to sleep around 10-11pm so for me to eat after 7pm just doesn't work for me anymore.. I find eating late gives you a food 'hangover' the next day. Whereas if I give myself a change to feel an empty stomach before bed I am money the next day.

Obviously depends on your goals but I think Steve's 12-6 idea is more badass and would give even better results.

Personally I need a bit more time to get meals in due to my job being mostly in an office so I don't have much flexibility. Right now I'm trying:
-having something really light before work (ie. either a small piece of fruit or small bowl of soup) on an empty stomach
-then have 3 P+F+V meals throughout the day but before 6pm
-on top of that I often have a light serving of veggies when I get home but all my eating is done before 6pm.
-intermittently skip meals depending on stuff going on at work, plans after etc.
-if i need snack on the go (rarely) ill bring out some almonds/pecans
-after exercise possibly a shake (hemp protein, coconut milk, avacado,berries)

I've lost a little bit of weight but I'm lean as ever and climbing my highest rated routes ever (I've only been climbing < 2 years).
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