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Eric Deangelis
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Default Round 2 of IF

I have tried IF before about 3 or 4 months ago and although I felt my body responded well too it, I fell to the lowest BF I have ever been at, I think I fell into the not eating enough trap, because my recovery started to slow down and I felt more lethargic. Basic info is 25yo male, 6 foot, about 185 pounds. 320 DL, 305 Squat, 270 Bench, 165 Press. I am a Jui Jitsu Player. Goals are to maintain ENERGY for Jits, good recovery, loose Bodyfat, and gain lean muscle if possible (not as concerned with) and of course health. I would also like to mention I really like the simplicity of eating twice a day, I feel sometimes I cook all day long because EVERY meal I eat starts from scratch and is 99% paleo. 1% comes from heavy cream in coffee and very limited alcohol on saturdays.

Typical week is 4 days of BJJ, 2 days of Wendlers 5,3,1 Program with BW assistance work. I do at home yoga about 3 times a week, and on my rest days I do BJJ drilling, long yoga session, or a hike.

Last time I did IF I would skip my PWO after BJJ (6- 8) which lead to a 14- 15 hour fast. I also think I was floating around 1500cal on fasting days. So first question, is it better to fast on Strength days or BJJ days? For now I am eating my BJJ PWO and then fasting on my STR day from 8PM (after Jits) till Noon the next day for lunch. So today would look like:

Noon: 1 pound of Chicken
1 whole avacado
steamabale brocolli (4 cups)
1 small apple

est 850 cal

Str Workout: 4- 5pm

PWO: 2 Tilapia Filets

est 200 cal

6:30: Oven baked Pork Lion (About 1 pound)
Red cabbage Cooked in EVOO and Onion
est 900 cal

Total est: 1950-2k cal, about 180-190 g protien

So eating window would be noon - 6:30 twice a week on lifting days. Does this seem to meet my goals? Giving it a go today. Also, How many cal a day should I be aiming for on regular and fasting days? I dont weight and measure, other than by the pound or eyeballing it, but I can pretty easily keep a cal count in my head give/take 200 cal. Thanks! Hope my post is clear.
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