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Aisha Guler
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Smile what do you do un-prepared!!?

I find mylself loving Paleo when I have prepared for the week. Unfortunaltey with my schedule and flying around the country or working late nights at my down town SF Office, I find myself UN PREPARED!

So.. It's 11:30, I'm STARVING, have 20 mins to go get food to eat at my desk, had a decent breakfest, but have NOTHING for lunch!

There are numerous cafes and sandwhich shops around. I've been getting salads EVERY SINGLE DAY! I'm so burnt out on them and start making bad choices... adding cheese or more bacon to spice them up!

There has to be an more clever way to eat on the go!

What do you all do?? Again, no grocery stores close by, nothing prepared.

Just like a Speacilties Cafe, Sandwhich shops, Subway, Soup Co... etc.

Any ideas? That would more 3X week if need be? Are there frozen Paleo meals that I can keep at work? Everything I can think of will expire. Or thoughts on what I can order from these places?

THANKS!! If I eat one more paleo pack or almond I am gonna cry!
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