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lindsay grant
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Default New to this site..critique my IF please!

Hey Everyone

I just started the leangains approach yesterday..this is day 2 for me. I was reading on the leangains site and found this site and figured it could be very helpful. I have been eating paleo since January and have been Crossfitting since September...I do have my weekends where I go unpaleo though..I actually started paleo in October but got serious with it in January. Since starting both crossfit and paleo I have lost 18lbs and my body fat went from 34% to 24%. That is HUGE. However, I am wanting to get to at least 18% body fat ..maybe even lower.
Current Stats: Age 25 Height: 5'6, Weight 138, Crossfit 4-6 times per week

Yesterday was my first day trying leangains and here is what I ate:
Broke fast (16.5 hours) at 12:30 with 6oz salmon, 4oz avocado, 1 cup cucumbers
3:00: serving of almonds and some tea, also chewed on some gum
6:30: WOD
7:30: Post WOD shake...1 scoop casein protein, 1/2 cup light coconut milk
8:00: Dinner of 4 eggs cooked in 3T raw butter, 3oz steak, 2 slices turkey bacon
Ended window by 8:30 when I was done with dinner

Today I didn't really feel hungry this morning so I am hoping it continues throughout the morning again. Today's plan is:

B:IF..just some green tea..no sweeteners
L: 10oz pulled pork with 8oz avocado (12:30)
S: serving of almonds and walnuts, coffee with 2T heavy cream(somewhere between 3 and 5 probably)
WOD: Hopefully 5:30 but maybe 6:30 depending on work
PostWOD: within 30 minutes of workout: 1 scoop casein protein with 1/2 cup coconut milk
D: About 20-30 minutes after shake: 10oz steak and cucumber/onion salad
So, my totals for today will be: 1,899 calories, 122.9g fat, 32.8g carbs, 173.6g protein
My percentages are 57/6/37% fats/carbs/protein

I feel like I have so many questions but mainly, is this too much food in one sitting for a female? Too much fat/protein? My carbs are low..28g yesterday, 32g today

Any advice would be extremely helpful!! I have gone through the threads but wanted to get some advice on my personal plan!

Thanks Everyone!
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