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Patrick Donnelly
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Default Help getting hyooge. (Milk ain't doin' it.)

Ok, so here's the skinny: I want to be less skinny. Not that I'm particularly skinny right now, at 6'1 and a mildly soft 220lbs, but my long-term goal weight has always been in the range of a fairly lean 230lbs, and I think I can make it there this summer. I figure that'll require me hitting about 240lbs though, then laying off the ice cream and doing some cardio while I "tone up," or whatever you want to call it.

Diet is something like the following per day:
- 1.5lbs of chicken or beef (that's pre-cooked weight)
- 10 eggs w/ a third a stick of butter
- gallon of whole chocolate milk
- half cup of frozen berries or mixed fruit
- whole cup of stirfry or steamed veggies
- maybe some nuts, but not much
- maybe some ice cream (generally a 2qt, 2000cal tub each week)

I don't know the exact calorie or macronutrient breakdown, but I figure it's pretty high up there simply from the milk. I've tried going simply high-calorie before too, by drinking 8-12oz of olive oil per day (2000-3000cal) but that didn't even get me past 190lbs since I didn't have enough protein to go with it. This should be enough to gain past 220lbs, no? Am I just lacking calories then? I'm not doing any intermittent fasting right now either (ceased to be convenient for me), and I'm never feeling either stuffed nor hungry.

Sleep is solid. 8hrs a night, pitch black room. Sometimes I wake up to use the bathroom (gallon of milk, remember?), but I'm always back to sleep immediately after that without a snag.

Workouts are going well, doing pretty high-volume stuff, mostly bodyweight strength based, all with an intuitive training format. I know the stuff I have to hit frequently (ring dips, handstand presses, dragon flags, etc.) and I do hit it frequently (five 1.5-2hr workouts), but the exact choices for any given day and the reps/sets are selected simply to make sure I end up leaving each workout feeling better than I started it, which lets me train again sooner. There's very little barbell work (maybe two 1hr workouts per week) and I'm mostly hitting stuff that I know will have a direct carry over to the other acrobatics-type stuff I'm doing, like windmills and pullovers. There are some power cleans, some deadlifts, no squats. (I have no squat, and I'm proud of it.) I don't want to gain any additional lower body mass anyway, as that's not going to help me get an iron cross in the next ~2yrs (whereas swole lats will). Then there's some tightrope walking (1-4hrs), which is pretty draining as far as fine motor skills go, but not much of a workout.

This got me from 210lbs to 220lbs over the course of the second half of April, but I've been stuck at 220lbs since then. What gives? Should I be feeling stuffed if I eat all of that? Should I be eating more if I don't? I've even had two gallons of milk each day for the past two days because I was doing yardwork and needed the energy, but I put two gallons away as easily as one. For the magic elixir people make whole milk out to be, I've been very disappointed with it. Would the olive oil shots be worth a shot again? The weight I've gained so far seems to be evenly distributed between my upper body (good) and waistline (not the best, but acceptable), but I still have a ways to go and I'd like to hit 240 by early August so I can at least start leaning out before September, though that timeline might be unreasonable by this point.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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