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john smith
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Default Consecutive hours of sleep

If I am unable to sleep for more than 7 consecutive hours, should I be trying to take a nap sometime during the day? Or is just better to lay there not asleep for an extra hour or so in the morning? I dont necessarily feel tired during the day, but from what Ive read on here and Robb Wolf's website it seems that 8-9 hours of sleep are necessary to fully recover and I want to make sure Im not impeding my progress. Also, I wake up nearly every night to urinate at around 0300. How detrimental is this break in my sleep cycle?

Im 25 years old, have a physical job, and do metcon and strength work 5-6 times a week.
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Darren Reed
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hello overtraining? sleep as much as possible. naps are manna from heaven.
you work, you reap
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Steven Low
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Take a week off from training, and eat more.
Posts NOT intended as professional medical, training or nutrition advice.
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Donald Lee
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Some folks have struck the genetic lottery and don't require much sleep. If you feel fine with 7 hours, there's no need to force yourself to sleep more.
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Chris Butler
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I'm also a non-sleeper. On average I get 5-6 hrs. a night. On rare occasions I'll get 7-8 hrs. I recover well and always have plenty of energy. I've been this way my whole life, even as a little kid.

If 7 hrs. works for you that is just how it is.
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