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Andrew Lyons-Berg
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Angry hurt shoulder snatching

hey so a couple of days ago I was snatching and I guess I hurt my shoulder. I didn't notice any particular moment where i did it, but after the workout it started feeling weird, like i had tweaked it or something. When I went to lift the next day I noticed significant pain while doing overhead squats. I took a couple of days off and I thought I was feeling better, but today i tried to train and the pain was back.

It doesn't hurt when I'm pulling, or when I'm pushing downwards--i can do dips fine--but only when I'm lifting or supporting overhead. I can also feel it when I reach back behind me, like to grab the seatbelt of the drivers seat to put it on. I'm really not sure, but I think it feels less like a muscle thing than something joint-related. I've been icing and I plan to lay off the movements that aggravate it for a while, but I'm wondering whether I might need to do something more. Any ideas about what I've done to myself?

Thanks a lot
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