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Jamila Bey
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Default Help! I'm unclean!

(I'm a creative type- what can I say?)

So I go away for the last two weeks of October and play in the woods and visit relatives. (Never mind the pizza and Dairy Queen and soda I enjoyed.) And I get back in the gym and I have totally lost my clean with more than 95 pounds!

WTF? I know there may be some strength loss with a layoff of a few weeks, but I am able to deadlift and push press (at least) 135#, so why am I dumping at the bottom of my squat? I just feel like my whole rhythym is off and now I'm ticked and I'm tense and I'm thinking way too much and I REALLY can't get one off.

1. How do you deal with the clumsies after getting back in the gym? I thought the layoff was supposed to be a good thing.
2. Anyone else an over-thinker? How do you shut your mind up? (I can't stay awake during meditation.)

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