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Kevin Shaughnessy
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Monday June 14th


For a variety or reasons I'm switching to low bar squats. The main reason is to lift more weight. After 3 minutes rest I felt good to go for the second set. Forgot my belt for it. Got my TK knee bands today. Feels good man.

Bench Press

Second set was wierd. The first few reps felt considerably easier then they did on the first set, but the last felt like someone had slid an extra 10 pounds onto the bar. I think what happened was I got overzealous and shrugged my shoulders forward out of position. All in all though I'm pretty happy about how this bench session felt.


Wasn't nearly as out of breath during the warm up, chalking that one up to a good weekends rest. Back didn't feel all that good during the warm-up. Slight twinges in the discs. Workset felt a little better for some reason. The bar caught on my knee sleeves and pulled them down on the first rep. Design flaw one, solution: long sleeve pants. Took a video and I managed to maintain the extension I started the reps with each one. I'll feel pretty good when I hit 315x5 next wednesday but what I'm really hoping for is 345x5


Slept well all weekend and woke up today feeling pretty good. Workout took an hour because of easy squats.
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