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Elliot Royce
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Default Starting Strength vs. O Lifts

When in the gym, I've been doing a hybrid program of O lifts and their assistance lifts (trap pulls, pulls from the floor) plus Starting Strength when I need to fill in. I've been making progress over the past 3 months with my front squat getting up to 80kg from basically nothing. Similarly, my back squat has gone from something like 120lbs to 205lbs for 5 reps. On the power clean, it's gone from 50kg to 90kg.

However, I feel like my life is overcomplicated. My training log is filled with multiple lifts and variants (front squat, back squat, trap bar deadlift, RDLs, squat cleans, cleans & jerks, shoulder press, push press, rack jerks, hang clean, bench press).

I'm wondering whether to just do the Starting Strength rotation and sub in the full O lift as appropriate. So, sub front squat for back squat one day. Sub squat clean for power clean or sub clean & jerk for both power clean and shoulder press. Or sub push press or jerk for shoulder press.

There is something about the simplicity of the SS program that appeals. I think progress is much more measurable. Since I am not a pro O lifter, I would think that this should lay the foundation pretty well. I would still do 2 hours per week with a coach to train the O lifts.

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