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Peter Little
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Default Possible SLAP tear? Need advice

I've been dealing with ongoing pain in my right shoulder for about 4 months now. I don't remember any traumatic or sudden event preceding it, but do recall first really noticing it on a day of high numbers of dips. The pain is hard to duplicate, deep bench press, dips, and overhead motions seem to be the most common places where I can provoke it-based on everything I've read, seems to be suspicious for a SLAP lesion or something related?

I've been able to do the Catalyst strength gain/olympic/main site workouts for the past couple of months without it getting worse, but am concerned about continued use with heavy weight aggravating the situation. We took some videos of my lifts the other day and it was visible that my right shoulder was catching snatches in a lowered and uneven position related to my left.

At the moment I'm uninsured, but if things go right, should have good workplace coverage in the next three months sometime. I'm wondering if there are exercises which should just be avoided-olympics/strength lifts which maintain shoulder strength and chest strength without aggravating it?-Are there modifications I could do that help to maintain/strength gain for the next few months but go easy on the shoulder until I can get better professional attention on it? Im assuming that maybe snatch and jerk might be out, but possibly cleans, deadlifts, squatting? bench press with limited depth? other ideas, particularly compounds which still maintain chest and shoulder strength without aggravating the injury? Pull-ups haven't seemed to bother it? I've been working the Diesel Crew shoulder rehab protocals for weeks now, and feel like Ive got stable shoulder girdles...

Anyone with more experience have any thoughts on this?

Peter Little
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