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Colm OReilly
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Default Knee Pain - Getting Worse over time

Hey, hoping you can help me here.

Starting feeling some knee pain coming up to an Oly meet at the end of June, aggravated a bit by running in vibrams on concrete.

July's plan was to squat a good bit (high bar, ass to grass). Knee pain has gotten worse over the two weeks of squatting (MWF, increasing by 2.5Kg each workout)

Took a few days off, have been working on foam rolling/icing but doesn't seem to be healing. Have been doing metcons this week and burpees set it off the most.

The pain is above the knee, on the bottom of the quad, very central, if slightly medial. The top of the knee cap is touch sensitive, and walking the pain is about 2" above the knee when I plant my foot.

I've also noted my hamstrings are weak, as I'm trying GHRs and about 3 is quite painful and I note DOMS in them.

Seeing PT after the weekend but wondering if there's any advice from the CA forum?

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