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Emily Mattes
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Default Back training, part deux

I've been doing Kroc rows, barbell rows, controlled dumbbell rows, pull-ups, all of those things in order to increase my back strength but I'm still having trouble with it--mainly with being able to work maximal back strength rather than pure volume work.

I run into a wall when it comes to adding weight. I can rep out a certain weight with full range of motion/scapular retraction/etc for ages, but the minute I add a few pounds I lose range of motion completely. There's no gradual drop-off in the number of "good" reps that I see with other exercises (squats, deads, etc). I would like to be doing heavier back work (working up to a heavy set of 2-5 reps), but the above problem makes it difficult.

How would I address this particular weakness? I don't know if more volume is the answer, as that hasn't worked for me so far. What would you suggest? Isometric holds at the top of the rep? Eccentric work? Or is this normal for the back?

(Also, this is more specific to the upper/mid-back than the lower back)
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