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Brian Li
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Default Iron cross on a pulley system

Hi, I have begun working on the iron cross on a pulley system that has two strapped handles that are as long as my arm span and I put max weight on the machine so my bodyweight won't drag the weight up and then I jump a little and lift my legs to an L-cross position and I try to maintain the cross. The straps are like 1 feet long from the machine, but the distance between the handles are the length of my arm span, so I guess it would be comparable to doing crosses on two platforms and so I was wondering how much easier it will be compared to doing an iron/L cross on regulation rings or even short rings? Currently I can only get to a cross that is 30 degrees above horizontal and hold a couple of seconds. I could feel it in my pecs and shoulders the most (I also roll my shoulders forward, but I don't use false grip).
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