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Grissim Connery
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Default Helping girlfriend with time constraints

My girlfriend just started lawschool, so she wants to know how to workout in a shorter amount of time. she's lookin at about 3 days a week for 1 hour. for simplicity, i just told her a half hour of cardio (jump ropes and such), and a half hour of strength. one day a week, she's going to try to work out with me, so on that day i'll mix stuff up and give her a metcon or something.

anyways for strength, i taught her to DL and sidepress (inspired by "power to the people"). the DL came naturally. she did 135# on her first day (almost got 155#). i don't know strength numbers for girls, but i think that's pretty good. the side press has been shakier. i wondered if instead she should do pushup progressions.

my question is whether you guys think she should side press or do pushup prog. (approaching one arm pushup) for a bare essentials training schedule?
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