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Troy Kerr
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Default Re-test 9/14/10

Performed my re-test for my statics today. Here are my results...

Tuck Planche: 20 seconds x 2
Straddle Front Lever: 20 seconds
Single leg front lever: 5 seconds ( pretty hard)
Supinated Grip Back Lever: 10 seconds
Max Handstand hold facing wall on Paralettes: 45 seconds
Max support hold: 45 seconds ( after 35 seconds started progressively moving rings wider.

XR Bulgarian pullups: 10
XR Bulgarian dips: 5
Handstand Pushups: These have been progressing quite well over the last few weeks. Last Week I was able to get a full ROM HSPU on Parrallettes and manage a 1-2 second hold at the top, although I generally just stick to standard stomach to wall HeSPU.

Comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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