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Troy Kerr
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Wow, I actually forgot about this post. Well might as well state my progress.
I now have a pretty upright air squat. I achieved this by employing a lot of the stretches found on "Stretch for the Squat" on Againfaster.com. Although none of these stretches are by any means new to the fitness community, the one I found most beneficial is the bent-leg hamstring stretch variation, which is executed by placing one's heel on a low box and pushing the hips back while trying to extend the leg. It is also easy to apply to group class settings. I do 10-15 second stretching series for my lower body before and after each workout that include hip flexor, glutes, groin, hamstring, and ankles. I also will use the Catalyst athletics warm-up along with some additional shoulder and wrist warm-up from Ido Portal.
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