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Pierre Auge
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Never had a problem with Renegade rows on KB's myself, frankly if you are afraid that your wrists are going to snap while using them then maybe some slow easy concerted RR's with kbs are exactly what you need to strengthen your wrists.

Fear is the mind killer! - Bene Jesurite Saying

Hell if you can do them with 32kg kb's then I doubt VERY much that you will flip them unless you weigh WELL over 200lbs!

Though I agree cost to function ratio on db's are better, but get this, in my gym, I have 5 kettlebells, count them 5, I have 76 dumbbells. The 5 kettlebells get used 90% of the time and the db's get used the other 10% when the movement could go eitherway!

But to each his own I guess. I must admit I need more practice teaching good dumbbell move technique and so my knowledge of good kb movement being greater I'm sure makes me preferential to teaching the kb stuff.
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Mike ODonnell
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Fear is one thing....training smart for injury prevention is another....no fun being out 6-8 weeks of no lifting. Just cause I have some rollerblades doesn't mean I want to do squats on them....thats just my attitude at this point in life after many setbacks in injuries...then again for fun I do squats on a swiss ball....so I never claimed to be smart.....
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Dave Van Skike
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Talking Tried them

Tried out a few sets of renegade rows at lunch today. Used a set of DD 24 kilo KB's..........disaster!

I'm resting comfortably now. Looking at a 12 week recovery from shattered wrists (both) compound fracture of radius and ulna (again, both arms), ruptured spleen and jock itch. I'm pretty sure I already had the ruptured spleen though.
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James Evans
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I guess you typed that with your nose then.
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