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Jarod Barker
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Default TRT for my Dad

Wasn't sure which sub-forum to put this in, but this seemed appropriate.

My dad is 57 now, and he's slowing down. Doesn't help that he's a 2-3 pack a day smoker... (yeah, how bout that, my lungs are worse than his and yet he's the one who smokes, talk about good genetics). He's getting weaker, can't lift things he used to, he's always worn out, always sore. I just feel bad, because growing up, my father and I used to work on grandfather's farm, and he was able to just about anything. Now, he needs my help with practically everything.

So... I was thinking, maybe I should look into TRT for him. I'd imagine that he's at that point where "andropause" (is that the term they're using now?) is setting in. I don't begrudge taking care of him. But I'm worried that if I'm forced to relocate, how will he get by without me? Does anyone here have any experience with TRT? What kind of effect could I expect for him? I'm not expecting a miracle here or anything, I've done some research and read up on it, but most anecdotal reports are from young guys who talked their docs into giving them TRT It is my understanding that once you start though, you can never come off of it. So, that slightly worries me should he ever lose his health insurance, or if the government screws up healthcare in some way, shape, or form. I wouldn't want to get him into something that he could never stop if circumstances were to change for the worse. I thought maybe something like test gel or cream might be enough to get him back to his old self. He's definitely lost alot of muscle mass the past few years, and that really worries me.

I'd be interested to hear any experience or opinions on TRT. I know 57 isn't that old, but like I said, he's been a smoker his whole life, and he's worked in mines and mills and coal fire plants, so he's not really in the best possible health for his age.

Thanks guys!
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