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Emily Mattes
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Default Posterior snapping knee pain

I have been hitting my hamstrings very hard for a couple of months now to develop them. After a training session today I went home, did some housework, then laid down to do hamstring curls with ankle weights (10#).

I immediately felt a sharp, snapping pain on the posterior, slightly lateral side of my left knee. I stopped, but I get a sharp, stabbing pain and a sort of "snapping" feeling whenever I bend my knee slightly. If the joint is at rest, whether straight or bent, there's no pain, it just occurs during the act of bending the knee itself.

If the lower leg is lifted when my thigh is held down, I don't get any pain so I'm thinking it's not a PCL thing.

Could this be my popliteus or lateral ligaments giving me trouble? Has anyone had back-of-the-knee pain before? Should I RICE and wait? Should there be any particular area I should really focus on stretching or strengthening in the future?
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