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Gary Gibson
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,30 kg x 1 x 4
,40 kg x 1 x 3
,50 kg x 1 x 2
,55 kg x 1 x 2
,60 kg x 1, x miss, x 1 x 2
,65 kg x 1
,69 kg x 1
,72 kg x 1 (PB)
,74 kg x 1 (PB)
,76 kg x 0 x 3

Back Squat
,60 kg x 3
,80 kg x 3
100 kg x 3
120 kg x 2
130 kg x 1
140 kg x 1
150 kg x miss

Felt really good today. Knees finally stopped hurting this morning. Not 100%, but not painful every time I climbed stairs. 3 kilo personal best. I think bodyweight/82 kg will come before the end of the year.

Did some box jumps between the last sets to get CNS "on". Managed an easy triple onto a 45" box once I got warmed up.

Pulled knee sleeves on for squats and got good and stuck with 150. Legs still a little weaker than usual, but I feel like I'm on an upswing. Last week I could barely do 120 so this is still an improvement. Would like to see 170 kg before the end of the year.

Efficiency is actually on the upswing. Today's snatch was over 55% of today's back squat. 66% would be great, but I'm just happy it's over 50% right now. I figure a 74 kilo snatch means a 93 kilo clean can't be that far away. Hoping for 105/85 by year's end.
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