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Derek Weaver
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Default X-Rays, SI Joint, Educated Patient...

A few months back I had a post where I questioned my lack of glute activation on my right side. It's been steadily improving. A variety of mobility drills, stretching, targeted activation stuff etc. has helped to even things out, though I have a long way to go.

Anyway, I started realizing some lower back pain, and then developed a popping through my pelvis on both sides. In addition, I get a pop kind of between the iliac crest and the outside of my left hip. Google says likely culprit is SI joint. Makes sense.

Went to the doctor, who is pretty on top of ex. phys for a GP, who said he thought it may be some funky stuff going on with a flexor tendon on the left side. Wasn't sure about the back pain. Worst the pain's ever been on a scale of 1-10 was a 6. I don't take any Tylenol or anything for less than a 7-8. Usual pain is like a 2-4 range.

He ordered an X-Ray and PT. X-Ray results came back with symptoms of arthritis, but nothing out of alignment, no factures etc. He also noted that I should maintain just about everything I have been doing so long as it doesn't cause more pain. At least until the PT gets to do his/her assessment.

The point of this long post is a) Does anyone know what kind of a flexor tendon issue could possibly mimic SI Joint issues? b) what should I be aware of going into my PT appointment to be an educated patient and get the most out of it.

I'm no stranger to PT work as I've been through it for ~9 months total pre and post op for my right shoulder, and did some work for a back and neck injury I had playing Rugby. Don't know as much about the hips and lumbar spine though.
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