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Fernando Mendoza
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Default Is there a reason I should change out of weightlifting shoes for box jumps?

Recently I've added box jumps to my programming. I was performing some yesterday and one of the gym staff (who's competent in weightlifting and has actually competed) came up to me just as I had finished my first set of box jumps and told me that I should change out of my weightlifting shoes (e.g. wear running shoes) when I do them. The reasoning was that on jumping back down (e.g. going back to the ground), I could potentially hurt my knees. Her reasoning was the lack of cushioning the sole of the shoe gives. I responded to her when I land I give my knees slack so I end up half or even full squatting when I land. She then retorted that I may save my knees with that approach, but my hips would get the brunt of any injury that would occur.

The reason I ask is that I think she's full of shit in this case (I just continued on my way with the box jumps). I kind of compromised my routine based on her advice, by putting my hands on the box, to enable me to climb down the box (it was more of a little leap, but with my hands on the box, to land on the balls of my feet more easily). But I think in principle she's going overboard and nothing horrible will happen.

Am I wrong on this one? Should I switch to running shoes for box jumping?
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