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Eduardo Chile
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Default Eddie's Quest for Gorrilla Strength

Hey all,

I've decided I'm going to start keeping on a log on here. I like the sense of community and knowledgeable members.

I've been a baseball player all of my life. I played high school baseball, college baseball and spent a year in the minors.

Since I've stopped playing I'm now into jiu-jitsu and into strength training. I have been doing jiu-jitsu now for three years, and plan to continue practicing for many years to come. I have done programs like bill starr's 5 X 5, wendler's 5/3/1, some westside and RTS. I'm interested in potentially doing a Sheiko program and see how I handle the high volume.

I'm very busy with work, and I work basically everyday so I may not be the best at updating my log on a daily basis.

220 ish lbs

Estimated maxes
Bench - 270
Squat - 385
Deadlift - 405 (way too low)
Clean - 215
Press - 180
Coc Gripper - can close the two for a few reps

Goals -
350 plus clean
Have a total in the CMS category
Achieve a black belt in jiu-jitsu
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