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Eduardo Chile
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I went to jiu-jitsu class 12/1. It was a fun class and we went over some spider guard moves.

We practiced having both legs on the biceps and making sure you control the opposite arm when the opponent tries to move to a side. The other leg can be free and can push the hip, knee or hook a leg. You can triangle the opponent from both legs on the biceps, just quickly pull one leg in and then shoot it behind the arm and raise the hips. We went over a guard pass as well. You need to control the pant legs and using a grip closest to the ankle on the pant leg seems to work best. You step forward to get the foot off the biceps and then turn the wrists in and step back and put the legs down to the mat.

I then grappled four matches, and I didn't really go hard at all and just worked positions. I just worked up a good sweat, each match was 5 minutes a piece.
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