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I choose this one:

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Yael Grauer
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this is for OD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9xjDnW9PG4

I tried to find Screeching Weasel's "My Right" but couldn't...hmmm...
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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
Sweet! of course with that song....me and my Irish posse would skip the fight...go to the bar...and then start a fight.....with each other.....then come back into the bar and repeat.....so may be counterproductive....
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John Seiler
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If I was fighting an Irish guy, I'd definitely go with "Danny Boy" and while he was crying, I'd knock him the f-ck out. Of course, it might be tough 'cause I'd be crying, too.

If I was fighting one of our friends in the gay community, I'd go with Rocket Queen by GNR 'cause it makes me crazy strong, and well, it's got "queen" in the title. What can I say, I'm a crowd pleaser.

Otherwise, I'd go with white noise 'cause it totally makes me want to kill somebody. (Seriously, if you ever need information out of someone, tie them to a chair and play white noise. They WILL break.)
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John Alston
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"Lost at Birth" - Public Enemy, Apocalypse '91 (the first track that's laregely instrumental). It just sounds like hell on earth even before Chuck D and Flav get started.

I actually used this as an intro once, in a fight better forgotten...
"Morning, Putski eats it, noon, Putski eats it, night, Putski eats it. Putski loves!"
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Jamila Bey
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Easiest choice in the world for me.

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