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Arien Malec
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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Insulin has gotten way too much credit for its ability to circumvent the laws of thermodynamics.
Yep. You eat 33% more calories than normal, they have to go some place. They either go to building body tissues (muscle, fat, tendons, etc.) which leads to weight gain, or they go to movement or heat.

Continuous bouldering consumes a ton of calories (although I tend to see folks do a route, rest, do another route, rest, etc. so the calories/hr may not be as high as the 700-900 claimed).

Bouldering isn't NEPA, BTW, it's exercise - NEPA accounts for fidgeting, toe tapping, spontaneous moving around, etc.

It's possible that when Justin started eating more, he started moving more, during bouldering (he had more energy to stay on the wall longer), and during the day (more walking, etc.) that took up the extra 1000 calories.

On the intake side, unless there's hyper-obsessive WAM by an objective party, even Fitday is a guide, not truth. For instance, I'm trying to lose a bit of fat. Today, I ate some roast beef. The total calories I ate are highly determined by how much fat I managed to strip off, and how much I actually ate. It's possible that if Justin and I both maintained a Fitday account and entered the roast beef, he'd overestimate his intake (eating more is hard for him and he wants to believe), and I'd underestimate intake (same dealio in reverse).

The basic basic truth is that if you aren't gaining weight, you need to eat more. If you aren't losing weight, you need to eat less.

There are tricks to mass gain and weight loss outside that basic truth (amount of protein consumed, IF, cyclic carb intake, etc.), but 90% of it is captured by that basic truth.
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