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Derek Weaver
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Originally Posted by Brian Stone View Post
Thanks for the replies. Anecdotally I'm definitely inclined to agree, though I question if things are less "efficient" just because the body is over a certain BF%, at least in and of itself. I vaguely seeing the idea tossed about as a given in some articles or threads I've read in the past and it happens to be an issue of recent interest to me.

As Derek mentioned, early CF readings may have first planted the bug, but I am really thinking of something I saw since then that cited very specific BF% range (for males IIRC) - something like 10-18%, outside of which things didn't work as well in either direction. I would think that if this research had any credibility or real thorough backing, we'd see implementation of the theory in top level sports that have weight classes. Then again, I've seen some articles on aggressive weight-cutting being extremely deleterious of performance, but that is still done aggressively in sports to success, so it must really depend.
In the early CF stuff- all Zone-centric, they noted that they would lean males out to the point that their BF% dropped below 10%. As they got closer to 5% (no mention of how close) performance usually dropped, and they would then get them back up closer to +/- 10%.

There are issues both ways regarding body fat. Too much and you risk getting into a situation where insulin resistance may be an issue. Too low and your hormones get screwy, your body begins breaking down proteins etc. Everyone's got their sweet spot. Some do really well north of 15%, others are more naturally lean and do fine sub 10%.

Originally Posted by Samuel Hughes View Post
Derek- I really appreciate this. And yes I go by Emile. If I spend any more time browsing this stuff today I may get fired but I will read it asap. Just out of curiousity, where/why/when did you gather all this knowledge? Not just the recommendations but the knowledge of where to look? What's your history? Thanks again man, this stuff looks truly helpful.
Not a problem. One other blog you may want to start perusing is this one: http://brianstpierretraining.com

For the why: I find it interesting. I had a near obsessive quest to figure out what would get me the leanest, healthiest, strongest (more milk than I could drink comfortably) etc.

Where: Brad Pilon's blog is a decent jump off though he takes a lot of liberties and is a marketer as much as anything. Not a bad thing, but one needs to be conscious to see through the sales pitch.
Lyle's blog was first linked to somewhere on this forum I think. You can also check out Leigh Peele's site. I think her personal online branding was the fat loss trouble shooter. She's got a membership site as well I think. Not interested in that part.
Alan Aragon has written for Men's Health and other publications, gotten some love on Lyle's Body Recomposition, and Martin's Lean Gains blogs.

When: I've been collecting a lot of anecdotal knowledge and trying my best to build it with "classroom knowledge" as best as I can. Thought the Zone was awesome per the cult. Realized it's fine to lean out so long as you add 2-3 blocks to the recommendations given. Tried the low carb thing, and realized that it's not a good way to go for most people who are relatively active. Big fan of IF, if only for the ease of modulating food intake. Eat Stop Eat is my method of choice due to flexibility.

Background: Degree in History. Multiple sports growing up, couple martial arts in the background, though nowhere near as accomplished as a few on this board, including Derek S., Gant, I'm guessing Grissim. Just an average guy who wants to be better than most you'd pass by on the street.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
- CJ Kim
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