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Mahir Barbaro
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Default Testosterone?

So I'm really just looking for some good resources, as googling 'testosterone' or 'free testosterone' brings up a million increase your sex-drive, or ad riddled pages. I've been getting treated for 'major' depression in the Navy for a while now, and while I'm doing much better than I was, I'm still tired/worn down most of the day and can't quite get out of a funk. Just recently (I've been being treated since April) the doctors here ordered a whole mess of blood work, from vitamin-D, to testosterone, to cortisol. All of the numbers were within their expected ranges, so everything seemed fine. But I got a chance to look at the results (no personal print out, not sure how much I can fight for that) and my testosterone levels, both free and bioavailable, were pretty low. As in, on a scale of like 50-200 (I can't remember the units sorry) my free was at 80.

I'm not trying to be one of those supplement freaks looking for a miracle to help me increase my muscle mass, decrease body fat and become a sex maniac, but I think something is off, and just want to have some help finding genuine resources to read. I'm 24 years old, male (obviously), and I have definitely noticed decreased libido as compared to my old self. Thanks for any help.
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