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Grissim Connery
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Default No more exercise ADD

I'm trying to be more diligent with a set program. I have a bad tendency do workouts primarily because they're fun and not based on what i need. Everyone has a log, and i figure this will keep me on track better.

Here is the scheme i'm gonna run with for the next 12 weeks. i may make a few changes, but i'll reassess where i'm at after that time period.

-Exercise split:
--- 4 days exercise days
--- Work to Rest split
------- Option 1: W/R/W/RR (repeat workouts every 9 days)
------- Option 2: W/R/W/R/W/RR (repeat workouts every 10 days)

Option 1 gives more rest, which i may need b/c of BJJ.

Day 1:
- Squat (generally 5x5)
- Planche and FL work
--- 5x15sec holds of current progression
--- 5x5 assistance exercise (OA pushup or ab roller crosses, weighted deadhang pullup)
KB (short rest periods)
--- 5x15 double KB swings
--- 5x5 double KB jerks
--- 5x2 TGU each arm

Day 2:
- HS work
--- 5x1min holds stomach to wall
--- 5 x handstand walks for distance
--- various presses to HS from floor or handbalancing platform
--- 5x3 HSPU variation
- BL - 5x15s holds of current progression
--- ice cream makers - 5x5 with current FL progression @ horizontal
- Lsit holds (vary whether straddled and such) - 5x30s @ current progression
--- 5x5 HLL variation
- jump rope 30 min

Day 3:
- CJ 3x3, 3x1
- OHS 3x3
- DL (generally 5x5)
- repeat planche and FL work + assistance
-Running (one of the following)
--- 3x1 mile; 2 minute rests
--- 6x0.5mile; 1 minute rests

Day 4:
- Ring work
--- cross holds - 5x 10-15s of current angle in progress
--- support holds - superset with cross holds
--- 5x5 RTO dips
- BL - 5x15s holds of current progression
--- ice cream makers - 5x5 with current FL progression @ horizontal
- Lsit holds (vary whether straddled and such) - 5x30s @ current progression
--- HLL 5x5 current progression
- 30 min jump rope

- BJJ and S&C balancing
---- BJJ days: I can typically train BJJ 4 days a week before i'm too sore. If i train 5+ days a week, i can't do any other workouts. Although one may argue that i should choose to do 5+ instead of workout, i find that the the physical and mental drain is a little too demanding. thus i generally do 5+ BJJ days only if a competition is w/i 3 weeks.

for me, BJJ typically causes the following when done in excess:
- intense soreness and aching of internal rotational muscle in the core in addition to the psoas
- aching mixed with a deadened, numbing of the upper body posterior muscles
- on occasion, really puffy feeling in the lats

these are my cues to taper BJJ down

S&C obviously causes soreness directly in the muscles worked. aside from that, my cues to taper it down are the following
- hot, inflamed shoulders throughout the day
- aching, tightness, and a general feeling of instability on the posterior portion of the upper pelvis, both internally and externally
- brutally tight lats
- foot pain b/c calves don't seem to be blunting impact as well
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