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Ben Byram
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Default Saturday 18th December

Yesterdays weight:
13st 10.6lbs / 87kg. Same 6 weeks ago.

Power clean:
92.5x1, 95x1 (PB!), 97.5xFx3, 85x2x4, 85x1/F.
Still working on technique having read some old posts including Glenn Pendlay and Gregg Everett. Lots to work on. Driving the legs through the floor, jump with bar at mid-thigh, pull the shoulders up, not the bar; pull the shoulders to the bar at full extension. Think I'll stick with working up to a heavy single, then dropping 10kg and doing doubles. More work at a higher percentage of 1RM which seems to be effective for olympic type exercises from what I've read.

Bench press:
95x3, 82.5x4, 72.5x5x2 (RPE 8).
The 95kg was a mistake, should have been 92.5kg. Thought it was a struggle. Cybernetic periodization if I feel like talking shit (and lying). Took it easy on back-off sets to save some energy for the heaviest week.

Squat (speed-sets):
Nice and snappy, feet leaving the floor a tad.

Narrow-grip bench press:


Tried muscle-ups tonight. No chance. A 46 year made them look easy. Swinehund. Typing when drunk is tedious.

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