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Nicholas Wyss
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Default Impingement

Hey all,

I wanted to get your thoughts on diagnosing and treating what I think is impingement. Although I have done a lot of weight training in the past, for the past 8 or so months my workouts have been almost exclusively in a gymnastics facility. I tumble, work on rings, P-bars, etc. A couple times while I was doing a press to handstand leaning against a wall I felt a little twinge in my shoulders, but usually after about a minute it would just go away.

It just so happened that my forearms splints were acting up, so I decided to take some time off doing things like planche training, p-bars, press to handstands, handsprings. I continued to do rings. Anyway, for some reason I thought, "Hey, since I am not doing any pressing at gymnastics I should go lift weights!"

So I am doing dumbbell bench press, feeling pretty strong, working my way up. I get to the 95 lb. dumbbells and do a set of 5, and it was almost like I could feel my anterior delts or something near them just get ratcheted down and not let go. I felt it in both shoulders simultaneously, but the right one was worse.

Now, 2 weeks later, the right shoulder still hurts, although it seems a little better. I can especially feel the pain when I lift it up overhead, and it feels like there is like something caught up in the groove where my arm would normally go. So I figure it must be impingement. I've just never had it last this long.

I probably shouldn't have done that much weight, I think my pecs are a lot weaker from when I used to lift weights more often, so the delts had to take over the movement and somehow cramped up or something. So I have been taking some time off, and doing self massage. I worked out using my arms for the first time 2 days ago and I was able to do pullups without any pain. I didn't try any pressing movements. I also did some external rotation with dumbbells.

So, does this seem like impingement? And, is there any specific exercise I should be doing to try to get the shoulder back into its proper groove? Should I do light internal rotation along with external? Or maybe that will just irritate it more?

Edit: I should add that when it first happened, the next day it hurt to even do a tiny amount of shoulder flexion when my arm was at my side, and it was really painful to palpate. Now the pain is just kind of a general annoying feeling of tightness, except when I move it in certain ways it hurts a little more. Palpation isn't nearly as painful but still slightly tender.
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