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Joe Birch
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Default Shoulder(s) mess

Hi I thought I would post here to try and get some opinions after no luck with rehabing a shoulder injury past 4 months.

Around 4 months ago I started getting pain coming from my left sternoclavicular joint which radiates out toward my shoulder until eventually I felt like I couldnt use my left arm much at all, there was no acute injury rather it built up and got progressively worse, now the pain is fairly low level but constant and isn't alleviated with rest (been doing physio for about 5 weeks, then stopped and rested it for the last 4 weeks because pain was if anything worsening with physio exercises). Physio exercises prior to this prolonged lay off included stretching pecs and lats, soft tissue work with tennis balls on chest and lats, light external rotations and some scapula position exercises with and without resistance.

However the pain has persisted and my left shoulder now has pain in the joint as well and there seems to be something fully wrong there. The most worrying thing is that pain has now started to creep into my right shoulder in the exact same place (right under the proximal end of the clavicle) and this is despite doing no real exercise other than stretching and soft tissue work. The only way I can alleviate the pain is to really internally rotate and hunch my shoulders forward almost like i was wearing a bench shirt or something. If I get my scapula in what should in theory be its natural position, nice a flat to my rib cage and shoulders not hunched forward, the pain under my clavicle is noticeably worse.

I really don't know what do to be honest, light physio has seemed to worsen the pain, while stretching seems to have no effect, altho when I stretch my lats overhead it does feel incredibly tight in my left shoulder.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks, Joe.
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