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Gareth Rees
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Default Training technique I've never heard of

Hi guys, this is my first post, so don't go too hard on me, but I read Pavel's 'Power to the people', and he very briefly mentioned an idea I'd never heard of, and it got me thinking.
The idea was to close your eyes while completing an exercise, obviously to develop greater kinesthetic awareness in that particular lift. Obviously this would only be used with the compound lifts, i.e. squats, deadlifts etc., and probably only at sub-max loads (or maybe even while warming up), and never with Olympic or explosive lifts and probably nothing overhead. I believe it would have its value especially in powerlifting, though I haven't tried it with anything over 85% 1RM and only in a back squat, and was just wondering what you guys' opinions on it would be or if you've ever heard of or tried this technique?
I believe that all views and opinions would be very interesting, and if you disagree with it then please state why.

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