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Bea Binag
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Cool Gymnastics Training and Rock Climbing

Hey guys,

New to the forum. Cool place though - love the wealth of knowledge just by looking at forum posts.

Anyways, main thing I'd like to get input for is my rock climbing training. I am fairly new to the unconventional way of training. Started CrossFit style training about a year ago to supplement my half-marathon training. Ever since CrossFit, I have left the endurance scene after years of forcing myself of liking it! About 6 months ago, I got into rock climbing (very novice) and a month ago I got a membership in an indoor wall gym.

I'd say I'm about intermediate strength/skill wise with some of the general standards. I am a female, 5'3" and 110lbs and a total ectomorph - so for my size, I'd say I'm doing alright.

After doing some research on what would optimize my rock climbing (with a focus on boulder/sport) training, I came to a conclusion that gymnastics training would be super ideal for this sort.

So just getting some input for those in the gymnastics/rock climbing area of how I can program my training.

I just bought the BtGB book (without the DVDs) and I have access to rings, pull-up bars and parallel bars at my gym.

Thanks guys!
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