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Gant Grimes
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Default Hybrid: trois variations

I was consolidating paper and decided to post before I threw stuff out. Here are three programs that I have used or written (and received subsequent positive feedback).

1. My judo program

This is what I'll be using this year for general conditioning. My lead up program will change a bit, but this will be my base.

Squats (ME)
Squats (tempo)
Prowler work

Power snatch
Barbell complex, 5x8 ascending
Working up to a max set of 8 on your fifth set of a 48-rep complex will force you to become a man, even if you're a woman. Or a CFing male. It is appropriate for any worthwhile pursuit I can think of.

Press (ME)
Dips (tempo) + pullups
Conditioning w/implements

Power clean

5 week cycle: 4 weeks on, 1 deload
3 workouts/week
Week 1: A1 B1 C1
Week 2: D1 A2 B2, etc.
1, 2, 3 tracks 531 for strength and something like the EZ program for WL. Conditioning depends on where I am in my tourney cycle.

2. Strong back hybrid

Rack pull
Jerk support

Power snatch
Push press
Complex, 5x3 ascending

Power clean

I got obsessed with a sturdy back and trunk the second half of last year. It was fun. If you think seeing your traps through a parka is worth smashing yourself into the ground, this program is for you. 3 weeks on/1 deload. And deload here equals damn near no activity.

PS Drink beer and eat 2+ pounds of meat daily.

PPS You need to be really really good at recovering.

3. The EZ program

I wrote this for a formerly strong buddy who had run his muscle off. He wanted strength progressions, OL practice, and general conditioning that would still allow him to work in extra sessions of trail running or kettle-nut swinging. 3 weeks on/1 deload. I like this one a lot.
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