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reading each section alone, i think it's just the recommendation as if you were just going to do that section that week. for example, you should do explosive repeat no more than twice a week. that doesn't mean you need to do 1 or 2 a week. it's just saying the max sessions really. whether you do 0, 1, or 2 sessions that week depends on the volume of the other workouts you're picking.

so for week 2, if you did 3 conditioning days and wanted to do most of the 6 recommended methods, you might do hict + tempo on day 1, explosive repeat and high resistance intervals on day 2, and cardiac ouput on day 3.

on the other hand if you wanted to focus on the top three methods (what he recommends if you're well conditioned), you could do explosive repat + HRI on day 1, aerobic plyometrics + explosive repeat on day 2, and aerobic plyometrics + HRI on day 3.

i only picked 2 per workout because an hour of doing any of these methods intensely seems to be enough. i'd only go above an hour if you were doing cardiac output.

so basically just pick the few you think you're weak in or the ones you'd get the most benefit from, and try to do them with the most recommended frequency you can per week within 2-3 workout days and an 1-1.5h max per workout.
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